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Organisations that I have purchased parts/services from:

Demon Tweeks Certainly not the cheapest place, but they make up for it with their stock and availability.  I have bought many items from them over the years.

C.W.I. Concours West Industries Suppliers of Custom Rear suspension systems based on the tried and trusted Jaguar rear end. Mike Bontoft is the main man at C.W.I. who is very knowledgeable.  I have bought their Rear Brake upgrade kit.

CPP Classic Performance Products, Parts for many old classic American cars and trucks including the Ford truck range.

Sacramento Vintage Ford Parts for Ford Cars and Trucks from 1909-1979, I managed to visit their store last year when I was on a driving holiday around the West of the US.

Mid Fifty Specialising in parts for Just the 1953-56 F100 Ford trucks, I also managed to call in person back in September when I was in the US


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Other interesting vehicles

My Supercharged Lightweight Land Rover Hybrid My Other vehicle that I built prior to starting on the F100.

Guys 550 Spyder My Friend Guy's site detailing the build and development of his Technic 550 Spyder, a Replica Porsche 550 Spyder.

Porsche 914 - Chevy V8 Powered Very cool Car, twin supercharged Chevy V8 Powered 914, unfortunately not on the road at the moment but hopefully will be soon.  I think Julian the owner is currently looking for some larger Superchargers.

CJ's Ultima GTR Site Probably one of the best and most informative car build sites on the web, plus its a very nice ride.

Andy Saunders Kustoms Andy Lives in the Bournemouth area and tends to take some of his creations down to CCOTP.  He has had many of his cars featured in both print and on TV.  Some of the more wacky motors include the 1958 X-2000 futuristic concept replica and the Mentley Insanne, a cross between a Bentley Melsanne and a Range Rover!




Books / Reference Material


Forums I tend to hang out in the 1948 - 1960 forum.  There are a good bunch of really helpful people there. 

nsra The National Street Rod Association for sale and wanted ads forum.  Sometimes you get the odd gem on here.



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