Wheels Day 2007

Below are a few pictures of some Ford trucks at this years Wheels day held at Rushmore Arena, Aldershot.  It was a really busy show, this is the first big show of the year and as the weather was the best its been so far this year it looked like everyone turned out.  We got to Aldershot in no time at all, it then took another hour and half to go the 1.3 miles remaining.  Because it was a sunny hot day there were plenty of casualties along the route suffering from the stationary traffic and the heat.  We must have seen about 20 motors with the bonnets up.  Some people just didn't even pull over, they just pushed their vehicles along, as everything was moving at less than walking pace anyway.

There were vehicles of all sorts and ages there, but the following pics are just the ford trucks I saw.

It was so busy in fact that the Police closed all of the roads off after lunch to prevent any more cars coming in.  In the end they all just parked all along the sides of the streets leading up to the event.