Seat Belt Mounts

I decided that I would fit 3 point seat belts.  Its not in keeping with the era of the truck but a lot safer.  As it was originally built the 1956 F100's had seat belts only as an optional extra and only available as lap (2 point) belts.  Because of this it is necessary to either fabricate a special mount up behind the driver and passenger shoulders or as in my case fit some already made mounts.  I picked some mounts up from Midfifty when Marie and I were on our Driving holiday back in 2007.  As its now 2009 its probably time I actually fitted them :).

They are supplied ready to either bolt or weld in place.

Here you can see the passenger side seat belt mount.  It is designed to fit behind all of the structural parts of the cab.  I actually trimmed the bottom edges to make them line up a bit better with the stiffening brace that wraps around the corner of the cab. 


I wanted to weld them in place, but as the mounts actually come ready drilled and tapped to screw in I thought I would utilise this fact to bolt them in first to ensure that they were correctly seated and also use the bolts to jig them in place for welding.

so the first thing I did was to make a drilling jig up to make sure that the holes I drilled behind the doors were in the correct place this was easily done simply by transferring the holes to a small piece of aluminium angle I had lying round then I was able to use this to lay on top of the door return section to know where the holes should be drilled.  Then I cleaned the mounts up and the areas to be welded of all paint and dirt.

Here you can see the holes drilled and the paint cleaned off from the surrounding areas to be welded.



With the 3 holes drilled and the bracket in place it clear that I needed to tweak them a little this was done by way of a big hammer over the vice.  I also trimmed the bottom edge to better line up.  Once I was happy, I removed the centre bolt and then countersunk the hole out all the way to the mounts as shown in the second picture.  This then exposed enough of the mounts to be able to plug weld them in place by effectively filling the hole with weld, making sure to get good penetration on the mount first before moving onto the cab itself in a circular motion.

The final result is a slightly proud weld that is not too far off a dome headed screw.



View of each side welded in place, these are now an integral part of the cab structure.



View through the front of the cab showing both mounts now in place, once the trim goes in they will be completly covered and you wouldn't know that they were there but for the seat belts hanging off them.