Hydraulic Pump and Air Tank Mounting

I decided that the best way to mount the Hydraulic pump and Air Tank was to make a special cross-member mounting bracket that would connect between the two chassis rails.  To make it strong and rigid but reasonably light, i made it out of steel box section and then welded it up as seen in the pictures here.  The first picture shows the mounting bracket for the air compressor as well in the top left. You can also see that I have not yet capped off the ends of the main bracket. The second photo shows the Bracket sitting above the location it will finally rest.  Note that the Prop shaft will run above the bracket. 

Here you can see the mountings that I made welded in position.  I thought that this would be easier than modifying the chassis rails again to have captive mounts in them.  As long as I finish them off well they should look like they were meant to be there.


Here you can see the start of the filling to blend the mounts in.




Air Compressor Mounting

A closer look at the Air compressor mounting bracket in its final location, just in front of the rear axle.