Gravel Pan

The gravel pan (or Lower Front Valance) has been in the wars in the past.  There is a lot of lead in it where it has seen extensive repairs in the past.  One end has also been re-welded up but poorly and not at the correct profile.  There are a number of splits in various corners too.  I am going to try and repair it as best I can rather than get a new one. 

Here you can see the extent of the old repairs once I stripped all the old paint off.  It was obviously repaired a long time ago, as you can see the majority of the repairs are in Lead.  There were also some brazed repairs and badly welded repairs too.

Here you can see all of the lead in the front of the Gravel Pan, it was obviously twisted quite badly from a hit on the drivers side.



Brazed repairs uncovered too.



Not a lot you can say about this old repair other than at  least this was welded, just not in the right shape.



Here you can see the end cut and reshaped, you can also see the brace that was snapped off re welded back in place in the background too.



Here the gravel pan has had a few coats of high build primer, ready for flatting down and checking the final finish.



Gravel Pan bolted in place with the air deflectors to make sure the front end all fits together.  As expected the new pattern parts are quite a bit out with the holes, so required quite a bit of filing/grinding to make the holes line up correctly.