Front Grille

The Front Grille is a standard 1956 item, I like the look of them in standard form and intend to leave it as is other than painting it a contrasting colour to the rest of the Truck.

Here you can see the Grille after I have welded up the emblem mounting holes and started to finis fill the area.  Note the rust on the inside of the Headlight mountings. 


After I started to clean up the Grille I noticed that it was different on one side to the other, there is a swage line that runs right through the Grille but this was missing on the far passenger side.  After closer inspection it was clear that the Grille had been repaired in the past.  It must have been repaired a long time ago as the repair was in lead.  You can see here where I am re-shaping the old repair to put the swage line back.

Here you can see the grille after I have shot blasted the rusted areas and started to finish it ready for painting.  Here it has been filled and primed and then sanded down ready for another coat of filler primer.


The Grille after a couple of coats of high build Filler primer ready to be flatted sown again before the Anthracite base coat and clear coat.