Exterior Door Handles

The exterior door handles I am using are made by Phipps Rod and Custom.  They are a very small and neat polished Billet Aluminium smooth design.  But because of the limitations of the door locks and the way I want to mount them I have had to modify them a bit. The standard handle leavers are designed to pull a cable to unlatch the door, however the Bear claw latches I am using have a push leaver mechanism.

Because of this the easiest way I could think of to make them work was to modify the leavers to make them push the lock mechanisms.

This is what the door handles look like as bought.  You can see the lever arm with the hole in that you would attach the cable to.  To make the levers work the way I needed these were cut off and a new piece of aluminium bar welded on parallel to the outside of the handles so that when the lever was operated the motion is inwards in an arc from the pivot point.



Here you can see one of the levers as modified before re-assembly.  I will probably drill and tap the end of the bar to fit a steel bolt, this will have to functions.  It will provide some form of adjustment and it will provide a harder wearing surface for the part that will be pushing against the latch mechanism.



Here you can see one of the handles back together again (note I have not pushed the pin all the way back in here).  You can see that the handle exterior is unchanged and I now have the parallel bar to operate the Bear claw.