Engine Wiring

The engine wiring harness is something that I purchased as a complete aftermarket solution rather than making one myself. 

Here you can see what comes with the Wiring harness kit known as a "Telorvek" Wiring Kit.  It consists of a main wiring Panel, that is the link between the engine sensors and the ECM.  This allows the adjustment of the wire lengths to make a neat install whilst making for easy trouble shooting as all connections are easily accessible and you can mount the panel and ECM anywhere suitable.

The Telorvek system also maintains all factory diagnostic capabilities so you can still have any OEM dealer or repair facility perform standard scans and read the error codes if necessary.

The Telorvek system is supplied by The Detail Zone they also provide the service to modify the ECM to remove the PATS (Anti-theft) System and also modify certain elements such as the Fuel pump arrangement and the emissions control systems.