Drop Down Battery Box

I decided to fit the battery under the truck, pretty much in the original position but with the exception of making it easily accessible/removable from under the truck.  To do this I have fitted a stainless steel drop down battery box.  It is basically a two piece construction with a carrier that bolts to the chassis and then the tray that slides in the carrier and is held in place with a spring loaded catch on each side.

This is what the battery box looks like as bought, (this is in the dropped down position).





As the battery tray was a bit of an afterthought, I unfortunately had to drill through the chassis rails from both sides to mount it as I had no nuts welded inside the rails.  Here you can see the 4 holes left on the inner rail after mounting the battery box.  I will plug these with some standard rubber blanking grommets to neaten everything up.



Here you can see the Battery box fitted in position.  This is in the dropped position, note you can see the Stainless high strength bolts that I used to mount it. I had these left over from the front suspension install.



Here you can see the Battery box in the up position as it will be in operation.