Cowl Vent

The original Cowl Vent I had that came with the truck was chromed.  Unfortunately, it was in pretty poor shape and had rusted from the inside out.  The inner frame was pretty good, but the top was just too far gone. 

I was looking for some advice from some of the good guys on FTE about where to get hold of a new Cowl Vent.  I was informed that these are now not available new anywhere.   (I think there could be a market for these, as many I have seen are rusted due to their location and the fact that they act as a rain trap.)  One of the great chaps (Chuck, alias CharlieLed) on FTE mailed me to say that he had a cowl vent that was in good condition for sale, so the deal was done and Chuck even shipped it off to the hotel I was staying at so that I could bring it back with me on my trip to Seattle. Thanks Chuck!

Here is the Cowl Vent Chuck sold me.  It is in pretty good condition, the only flaws are a slight dent in the top a crease in one end and the leaver bracket has come away from the vent at the lower end.  Most importantly though it is all Rust Free!  These pics were taken after I had started cleaning it up.

Here you can see the lever mounting bracket that has broken away.  It was originally held together with a couple of very small spot welds.  I decided to drill a hole in the bracket and then plug weld it back to the body of the cowl vent.


I clamped the bracket into place while welding.  You can see the finished result in the second picture.



I actually decided to shot blast the rear of the cowl before priming it as it is such an awkward shape blasting it was the easy option to remove all of the old flaking paint.



A few coats of high build primer and it was looking much better.



Here it is in place ready now for final paint.