Having changed the engine from the original 4.6 2 Valve unit to the much more powerful 4 Valve 5.0 Litre I have had to change the clutch and flywheel.  Not only because of the increase in power, but the fact that the crankshaft has 6 bolts on the 2 valve unit and has 8 bolts on the 4 valve so the flywheel is not interchangeable.

The flywheel and clutch I am using came as a kit.  The flywheel is a lightweight Chromoly design that is lighter that the standard OEM unit but stronger.  You can see the flywheel in place here, note the holes all around the outer edge that help reduce the weight and also apparently aid in airflow/cooling.


The clutch is a stage 2 unit rated at 500 BHP so should be able to cope with the new engine output fine.  Although I have to admit that I am not sure why/how they rate a clutch in BHP, surely it should be rated by Torque.  The clutch looks the same externally as the standard OEM unit but has heavy duty pressure plate