The chassis is a the original 1956 item, but it will need a few modifications made to suit the new suspension setup.  I am boxing the chassis throughout to strengthen and stiffen it.  I am welding the Fatman Mustang II Front cross member and spring mounts on at the front end and welding in a custom frame to mount a Jaguar XJS IRS setup at the rear.

The first thing that I had to do to start work on the chassis, was strip down the  bodywork and associated parts off of it.  This turned out to be a fairly quick process. 

I soon had all of the body panel work and cab off and had it rolling on the two axles.

The rolling chassis with all body panels, cab and engine/gearbox removed.  The bubble wrap over the front chassis rails was to help prevent cut shins.  I later found that they were most needed on all of the chassis outriggers that mount the steps. (Ouch, my shins hurt!)


After inspecting the chassis it was found that there had been some minor damage, one of the rails had a very slight kink in it but it had been straightened out again leaving just a bit of a wave.  One of the cross members across the centre section had snapped which meant that the rail twisted slightly when weight was applied to the running board outriggers and the rear right hand side running board outrigger was badly damaged.  It looks as though it had been pushed back and twisted up by the truck running over a large obstacle that caught it.

The chassis just prior to cutting off all of the old suspension mounts/spring hangers.

Front hangers removed, I ground the heads off of the rivets then drilled the centres out before taking a hammer and punch to what was left.  I was not a long job but did involve a fair bit of physical work.



The chassis with all the old spring hangers removed.