Brake Pedal Assembly

The Brake pedal, Master cylinder and Servo (Booster) I am using are non OEM components.  There is a stainless steel Servo and Master cylinder that are attached to the Firewall with a swing pedal arrangement rather than under the floor as per the original setup.  The pedal is a custom made unit that not only mounts to the firewall but also has a brace that mounts to the dash and so triangulates everything to make a strong rigid assembly.

I do have concerns about the weight of the master cylinder and may have to fabricate a secondary bracket up to support the master cylinder against the firewall or chassis rather than all the weight just hanging off of the Servo.

 This is what the pedal assembly looks like. 





Here you can see the hole arrangement cut out of the firewall, luckily I had a large hole saw that was just about the right size so it was a relatively straight forward job, with the exception of breaking one of the teeth on the hole saw.


These pictures show the pedal in place from inside the cab.  The last of the 2 pics is looking through the instrument panel hole.  The line on the tape on the front panel is actually the centre line of the steering column and Instrument panel.  You can see that the pedal is offset quite a long way to the left.