Before I started

I bought my truck on 15th July 2005 from Classic Carriage Co. I had been looking around for a while and was feeling pretty gutted at having missed out on a 53 Effie the week before.  It was a 75% complete truck that had had a lot of time spent on it.  Looking back now, I am glad that I didn't get the 53.  It was too complete and I wouldn't have felt like I had built it.  Plus it just wasn't a 56.  You cant beat the looks of the 56 cab with wrap around screen.

Below are some pictures of the Truck as it was when I bought it. 

It was essentially complete, but the inner front fenders (wings) were not fitted. The engine did run but not much else was known about the condition of the Brakes, steering transmission etc.

I had a good look over the truck to make sure that the majority of the bodywork was solid and that the chassis was all free of rot, which it was.  The only area of concern was the rot on the cab along the gutter roof line.

It was a couple of weeks after I bought the truck that I managed to find somewhere to keep and work on it.  I had looked at a number of places but all were either too far away, too expensive or just impractical (One place was plenty big enough, but had a door that was not wide enough to get he truck through).

When I got the truck back to Southampton, the first thing I decided to do was to get it going and take it over to a friend who has a large 4 post ramp to get it all up in the air and have a real good look over it.  I only needed to do a few minor bits and pieces to get the truck running, but one thing I did do was get a new Brake master cylinder as the original was in a right state.  I also picked up a new Holley carb as the old one did not seem to want to play ball.  When I looked into it the rebuild kit was nearly a third of the price of a brand new Carb, so I got a new one.  The drive over to Chris was an eventful one, never having driven an F100 before. 

We essentially carried out a full MOT on the truck to see what was good and what was not so good.  I had decided that if it only needed a minimal amount of time and money to get it roadworthy, then I would drive it around for a while before I started working on the rebuild.  However, it was soon clear that there was quite a lot that needed to be done, so I decided to jump straight in with the work.