Bear Claw Latches

The standard door locks on the 1956 F100 are a star latch design.  They are not the best design for giving positive door location and I have also heard of them bursting open on rare occasions too.  So I thought I would replace them with some aftermarket bear claws instead. 

There are a number of generic aftermarket Bear Claws available that you can install by welding in the mounting plates in the relevant position on the door, or even into the frame and have the striker on the door (This config means that if you are using door lock solenoids you don't have to run the wiring in the door).  I went for some bear claws that are made specifically for the 1956 F100, I bought them a long time ago as I was going to use the original door handles etc. but my thoughts have somewhat changed now I am using some aftermarket modern looking flush door handles.  I am modifying the door handles to operate the altman latches directly without the use of any cables, pulleys or rods.

This is what the Altman latches look like when bolted up in place.  As you can see I went for the stainless steel version so will leave them with the polished finish.