When we moved to the US one of my requirements for the new house was that it had a workshop so that I could work on the Truck.  After looking at many houses we soon realised that we were not likely to find a house that met all of the requirements and had a decent size workshop, so in the end we decided to get a house that we both liked that had enough land to be able to build a workshop. 

So After finding a house, I drew some plans up then got quotes from a few contractors.  Some weeks later we had a contractor who specialises in Pole Buildings starting the process of applying for permits etc on our behalf.

The entire process was probably the easiest thing we have done at the house. The contractor we went with were excellent and the workshop was built in a matter of weeks. 

Here is the space that would be used for the workshop.



Excavation to level the ground before the poles went in.



Poles concreted in the ground



Framing after the poles are set in the ground you can see where the rear double doors and window will be and the front door is 10' x 10'.  Tyvek applied before the siding goes on.



Siding that matches the house its 12 " wide Hardy Plank Fiber Cement Siding.



Roof on



Some finishing touches to match the house, the stonework and the detail in the front of the roof pitch.  Now the entire workshop just needs painting to match the house.




Exterior paint.



Interior drywall going on.  The entire inside is drywalled, including the roof.



Because of the slope of the ground where the workshop was built, after the excavation to level the ground there was a significant difference in level.  because of this I could have simply graded the slope, but instead wanted to put a retaining wall in place.  Here you can see the wall being built.


The last things to be done, were the extension of the driveway to meet up with the workshop and I planted a row of trees along side the workshop that will hopefully fill out over time.




The truck finally in place in the finished workshop...