The Strip down

Before I started any work on the truck I had to decide what I wanted to achieve which in turn would determine how I went about getting there.  This process was not a long one but was essential.  I had decided that I wanted to Rod the Truck, giving it new front and rear suspension.  This meant a complete strip down and rebuild.  If I was just intending to get the truck to a working condition using the original axles etc. I could have achieved this without the need to strip everything down.

The first thing I set about doing was removal of all of Hood (bonnet), the Fenders (wings) and the rear bed.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera to hand when I first started the strip down.  The only pictures I have are the pretty poor quality ones here that I took with my mobile phone.

Here you can see the rear bed removed as well as the front wings and bonnet.


The doors were removed from the cab before the cab was unbolted to reduce the weight.  Once the cab was unbolted I moved it rearward on the chassis to get it over the rear wheels.  This gave a good look at the chassis where it had been previously covered. The entire chassis was found to be completely rust free.



The next thing to be removed was the complete engine and C6 box as a single assembly.  It is a big lump but a decent engine hoist came in handy.  Once free from the chassis it was put in the corner of the workshop and rapidly disappeared under a mass of bits.


The rolling chassis with all body panels, cab and engine/gearbox removed.  The bubble wrap over the front chassis rails was to help prevent cut shins.  I later found that they were most needed on all of the chassis outriggers that mount the steps. (Ouch, my shins hurt!)